Location: Nevada and Washington, D.C.

Greg Brower originally joined Brownstein in 2018 as a shareholder in the firm’s Litigation Department. In 2021, he left to work for one of our long-time clients, Wynn Resorts, as its chief global compliance offer. After three years at Wynn, Greg recently returned to Brownstein, where he combines his experience as an executive with a worldwide gaming company, Nevada’s top federal prosecutor, FBI senior executive, inspector general for the U.S. Government Publishing Office and 30 years as a first-chair trial and appellate lawyer to help clients navigate federal and state investigations and regulatory matters, high-stakes litigation and crisis management. In this profile, he tells us how his background at Brownstein helped him at Wynn Resorts and why he rejoined the firm.

Tell us about your career path after Brownstein.

While I was with Brownstein, I did some work for Wynn Resorts as outside counsel, which allowed me to get to know the company board and senior management team. Those relationships led to my joining the company to lead its global compliance program.

I joined Wynn in January 2021 and was there for three years. In my role, I led  internal investigations and was responsible for developing and implementing a corporate code of conduct. I also managed the company’s anti-money laundering compliance program.

After three years at Wynn Resorts, I have returned to Brownstein. I’m splitting my time between the firm’s Nevada and Washington, D.C., offices, and I’m very excited to be back.

What skills did you develop while working at Brownstein that you used most at Wynn Resorts?

I had been practicing law for more than 25 years when I originally joined the firm and had significant experience as a litigator. Upon first joining the firm, I was able to develop more of an expertise in gaming law. Having the chance to work with Frank Schreck and others on the gaming team was a great experience. My gaming law experience with the firm was very useful for me while at Wynn, and I’m looking forward to doing more gaming-related work for clients now that I’m back.

What did you like most about working at Brownstein?

What I liked the most, and what ultimately led me back to the firm, was the people. Brownstein has a very collegial, positive and collaborative environment. Norm Brownstein, Rich Benenson, Ellen Schulhofer and others on the Executive Committee set this tone from the top. Additionally, everyone here is incredibly talented, which is always something I enjoyed and looked forward to being part of again. Finally, the firm’s commitment to client service at the highest level and the “all in” approach to client service are the perfect fit with my approach to practicing law.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career at the firm?

(1) Volunteer, take on challenges and make sure others know that you’re available for whatever the firm or its clients need help with.

(2) It’s also very important to develop relationships. Law firm life is all about relationships, both internal and external. It’s important for new attorneys to get out there and meet as many people as they can within their office, other offices and outside the firm. The more people you know, the more likely you are able to contribute to the firm as a business generator.

(3) Do the absolute best you can at whatever task is in front of you. Sometimes new attorneys want to be working on the biggest, most exciting matters. But to our clients, each and every one of their matters is important. Take on small tasks as assigned and perform them really well. That will be noticed by the right people, which will result in bigger tasks, more responsibility and the more “glamorous” assignments.