Chief Legal Officer

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Kirk Homeyer spent more than two and a half years as a corporate associate in Brownstein’s Las Vegas office. In April 2017, he was recruited to work for Fiume Capital, a family-owned private investment firm and family office focused on consumer-facing companies in the technology, media and entertainment sectors as well as personal assets and matters. In his role, Kirk focuses on mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, HR and insurance, and tax matters. Here, he tells us about exciting projects he’s currently working on and how his time at Brownstein has influenced his career.

What is the most meaningful project you’re working on?

We’re building out the family office to be a vehicle that drives the legacy of the family. I also lead direct investments and private equity deals, as well as all other transactions, from the legal side. We purchase controlling interests in companies in which we can influence and add value based on the family’s experience.

What skill did you develop while working at Brownstein that you use most in your current role?

I learned to pay attention to detail when drafting, to blend legal and business judgment, and to work with varying degrees of professionals. I learned various styles of communication and strengthened situational awareness to read the room.

What did you like most about working at Brownstein?

I liked the level of respect demonstrated laterally and between associates and shareholders. I always felt that a shareholder appreciated my contributions to any given project. Inclusiveness and collaboration were always there. There was an immense amount of respect among everyone as well as a team mentality at the firm.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career at the firm?

Get as much experience as possible during your time at the firm. When working with senior associates or partners, dive deeply into what they do and derive as much experience as possible. Make every experience a learning opportunity.