President and Chief Executive Officer

Location: Denver, Colorado

Dan Jablonsky spent almost two years as a corporate shareholder in Brownstein’s Denver office, where he worked on mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital investments, public company reporting as well as white collar matters out of Washington, D.C. Dan left Brownstein in 2012 to become the general counsel of DigitalGlobe, a publicly traded earth intelligence company headquartered in Colorado. He was appointed president of DigitalGlobe when it merged with MDA in 2017 and was later appointed president and chief executive officer of the combined renamed company, Maxar Technologies, in 2019. In this profile, he tells us about taking Maxar Technologies private and how Brownstein’s involvement in the political sphere helped prepare him for his current role.

What is the most meaningful project you’re working on?
We are going private. Last May, we were approached by global PE firm Advent International with an idea to take the company private. We signed a contract with Advent in December and are working hard to close the transaction, which is a $6.4 billion deal. The deal is occupying a lot of my time, in addition to being in charge of the company.

What skill did you develop while working at Brownstein that you use most in your current role?
Brownstein’s a great place, and I still have many personal and business connections from my time at the firm. Given Brownstein’s preeminent role in the political sphere and the fact we do a lot with the U.S. government in my current role, it was helpful to get a better idea of how that side of the world works. My time at Brownstein gave me a huge leg up and helped contribute to my skillset.

What did you like most about working at Brownstein?
The people. From the partners to the associates to the staff, there’s so many quality folks at the firm.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career at the firm?
Take advantage of all the firm has to offer and don’t get siloed too quickly. There’s a great opportunity to become more involved in passions you have outside the law, like community service. The firm has so many relationships, board options and public service opportunities. Take full advantage of the contacts, initiatives and support mechanisms Brownstein has to offer.